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Our unscented Activated charcoal soap was made using our Cold process method. It is definitely refreshing and soothing. It is known that activated Charcoal is a skin cleanser, it unclogs pores, andit deep cleanses the skin.

This bar of soap will be beneficial for people with oily skin!

*Natural*Detergent free* Paraben-free* plant-based Fanny's soaps are made in small batches, cut by hand every time, making each bar unique! I use quality ingredients that will benefit your skin in many ways, providing moisture, hydration without harsh chemicals.


coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, distilled water, Activated charcoal. Lye, tea tree essential oil.

Each batch of soap is left to cure for 4+ weeks to ensure a hard long-lasting bar of soap.**We recommend keeping your bar of soap away from direct water when not in use to aid in the hardness of it

Activated Charcoal

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