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The scent of Lavender scent is loved during all seasons! the added oils added to this bar will bring much moisture to your skin leaving it clean yet nourished and soft. It's topped with lavender buds for added textured. No harsh chemicals needed for a long-lasting bar of soap. If you are a lover of lavender this soap is for you if not try it! It will be worth the shot :)


* Handmade*Natural Fragrances* cold process* plant- based Fanny’s soaps are made in small batches, cut by hand every time, making each bar unique! I use quality ingredients that will benefit your skin in many ways, providing moisture, hydration without harsh chemicals. Ingredients:coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, colloidal oats, water, micas, lavender essential oil.

Each batch of soap is left to cure for 4+ weeks to ensure a hard long-lasting bar of soap.

Each bar is 4 oz

We recommend keeping your bar of soap away from direct water when not in use to aid in preserving it.**

Lavender Soap

SKU: 007

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